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Charlotte, NC

Storage Tanks

With over 40 years of experience in the API tank industry, FHG has the experience and ability to serve all of your above ground storage tank requirements.

With a specific focus on serving your needs with exceptional precision, we aim to be recognized as best-in-class by each of our valued customers. We invite you to hold us to this exceptional standard.

API 650 – New Construction

API 650 Tank Construction

API 650 In-House Engineering

Fire Protection Systems

Floating Roof Installation

Tank Foundations

API 653 – Repair and Alteration

All API 653 Repair and Alteration Activities

Tank Bottom Replacement

Double Bottom Installation

API 653 In-House Engineering

Tank Bottom Repair

Shell and Nozzle Modifications

Shell Course Replacement

EFR-IFR Installation

Seal Replacement and Repair

API 653 – Maintenance Activities

In-Service Seal Inspection/Repair

Tank Isolation

Product Transfer

Tank Cleaning

Leg Pinning


Experience across multiple Midwest sites