Safety Always

Don't settle for contractors that compromise safety.


Safety at FHG is all-encompassing; so much so that we developed our own program devoted to the safety of all employees. FHG 360 is managed by full-time health and safety professionals. Our desire is to have zero injuries, but it takes awareness and focused effort on a daily basis.

Gold Shovel Certified

Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving workforce and public safety and the integrity of buried infrastructure. GSS believes that greater transparency in all aspects of damage prevention among buried-asset operators, locators and excavators is essential to drive continuous improvement, and vital to increasingly safe working conditions and communities.


Gold Shovel Standard Certification is a widely-recognized indication of increased safety awareness and a commitment to continuous damage prevention improvement. Excavators within Gold Shovel Standard rely on Gold Shovel Standard technology to measure safety and efficacy and are able to present hard data to support their reputation.


Employees must care about their own safety, and we continually emphasize ways for workers to stay safe. We also urge vigilance for how our work may affect others, including coworkers, other contractors and customers. Lastly, and most importantly, remembering our families while we work gives us the motivation to come home safely. Everyone has loved ones who care about and often depend on their safety.


Those Around Us

Our Families




Ensures everyone receives the training they need to perform their job competently and safely.


Hazard Recognition

Actively recognizing and mitigating potential hazards in our work and prevent incidents, using job safety analyses (JSA), jobsite safety inspections (JSSI), safe performance observations (SPO) and near miss reporting, trending, investigation and analysis.



Taking the time to make sure employees are ready for each project and the task at hand - mentally and physically fit for duty and prepared with the right tools, equipment, and PPE.



Getting everyone on the same page with clear and effective communication for each project to achieve our common purpose: quality work done safely.



Holding each other accountable to ensure compliance with policies and regulations.



Performing all duties with focus and clarity, recognizing that safety is ultimately a matter of safe behavior.


No injury is acceptable. Our goal is to send every worker home every day in the same condition as when he or she arrived.