Everything Terminals

We can build anything within the fence, including the fence. 


Customers routinely turn to FHG to integrate ethanol blending into their existing terminal applications. We handle everything from installing blend skids to piping up new ethanol tanks as well as the additional customer-specific requirements of post weld heat treatment and pickling of new ethanol piping systems.

Over the years, FHG has constructed numerous petroleum loading lanes from the ground up. This includes foundation and drive work, structural, canopy, and installation of all piping, valves, meters, and load arms.

FHG piping crews have years of experience when it comes to hot tapping live product lines in order to keep local operations up and running to minimize downtime. This allows our customers to save time and money, as they are able to make modifications to their systems while still maintaining full operational capabilities.

FHG employs highly skilled employees that specialize in additive system installation, specifically stainless steel tubing. These blending systems are a functional requirement of every terminal, but FHG customers have seen first-hand what a difference a quality tubing system can make in their loading lanes.

FHG is proud to offer industry leading design-build services and this has recently been highlighted by the completion of several biodiesel blending systems. Our customers have saved time and money by sourcing both the design and the construction through FHG.

Having installed numerous vapor combustion and vapor recovery systems over the years, this has become one of our staple services.