New Tank builds & Api 653 repairs

Let us GC your projects so you don't have to.


We build API 650 above ground storage tanks in both carbon & stainless steel with internal, external or dome roofs.

Our mechanical crews are proficient with shell inserts, doorsheets, and nozzle replacement/modifications.

FHG focuses on getting your tank asset repaired in a quality manner, that meets code, as quickly as possible. We work closely with the inspection company to reduce downtime between the inspection and start of the repair. Anything they find during their inspection, we can fix.

Our mechanical crews have experience replacing tub rings and adding new shell courses.

We have been involved in installation of pipeline blends of a variety of products. Some of the systems have been the largest in the US or first of their kind systems. We are comfortable with all aspects of these systems.

FHG has multiple tank cleaning crews that perform all facets of cleaning jobs; product transfer, degassing, isolation, cleaning, and gas freeing.

FHG has multiple crews that can perform leg pinning.

Our crews have experience brush blasting tank bottoms to prepare for inspection, removing existing coatings, and blasting pipe to prepare for painting.

Our lining crews have experience installing a number of different thin film epoxy systems.