FHG Energy Construction





Bringing Energy to Life
on thousands of projects since 1982.

We are a full-service general contractor serving Energy Infrastructure for the next generations. Throughout the U.S. we self-performs all civil, site, mechanical and structural work to bring Facilities, Terminals, and Tanks to life within Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Biofuels, Landfill Gas, Ethanol Blending, Battery Storage, LNG, Natural Gas and Solar. We turn your Concepts into Energy.


  • RNG & Bio Fuels
  • Battery Storage & Solar

Infastructure & Facilities

  • Compressor & Pump Stations
  • Metering & Regulation

Terminals & Piping

  • Blending Systems
  • Terminal Optimizations

Tank Construction & Repairs

  • API 650 New Tanks
  • API 653 Repairs

Don't let your projects manage you.

Can you relate with too many challenging projects and not enough trustworthy contractors? 

Change orders that break trust

Deadlines that get missed

Costs that exceed budget

Change orders that break trust

Deadlines that get missed

Costs that exceed budget

These things bother you, and they bother us, too.
Pick FHG for your next project and gain an ally in the fight, not another adversary.

We make it easy for you.

You choose how we get involved: we can participate in your standard bidding process, or you can cut through the red tape and schedule a direct consultation for FREE value engineering.


  1. Add us to your bid list.
  2. Review our bid.
  3. Gain a trusted partner by choosing FHG.


  1. Schedule a project review during your Design phase.
  2. We come to you to provide FREE Value Engineering.
  3. Provide budget & develop execution plan together.

Don't have a project coming up, but still want to get in contact? Get in touch with our Business Development team.